Uttarayana 2014

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Uttarayana starts from Wednesday 15th January 2014 and ends on Wednesday 16th July 2014. Uttarayana is also known as Uttarayana Kalam, Uttarayana period, Uttarayana Punyakalam and Uttarayanam. Uttarayana is about six month period in this period sun moves from Makara Raasi or Capricorn Sign to Karkataka Raasi or Cancer Sign. According to Purana's in Mahabharata Bheeshma Pitamaha choose to leave his soul on Uttarayana Kalam. Until this period comes he waited on Ampa Shayya (a bed made up of arrows by Arjuna). Bheeshma has also known as Devavrata, Bheeshma has Boon (varam) to choose his death (Swachanda maranam) and to get salvation. Our Purana's saying that this is the holy period in which our elders who died came down to the earth along with the Gods. According to the Drik Siddhant method Uttarayana starts on Saturday 21st December 2014 and ends on Saturday 21st June 2014. According to Hindu tradition and belief is the six months of Uttarayana are the day of the Gods. And other belief is the great people left their soles in this holy period because the doors of heaven will be left open during this time. Uttarayana time starts from Tuesday 14th January, 5pm on wards.

Uttarayana 2014
Uttarayana 2014

Uttarayana is known as the day of new good healthy wealthy beginning of the year. Uttarayana is a very auspicious period for donating clothes (Vastra daanam), Anna daanam (feeding poor people). If we do anna daanam, vastra daanam during this holy period it gives aatma santhi to our parents So that their unfilled desires will be fulfilled and they will move to heaven. If we perform graha saanti pujas for our beloved ones who are suffering from graha doshas will be cleared and they will moves on to heaven. In Uttarayana period the days are longer and the six months is considered highly auspicious for Hindus.


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