Ekadashi in 2014

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Ekadashi will be a day to remove all the sins and guilt. It falls on the 11th day of every fortnight. With a number of Ekadashis occurring throughout the year, you can pacify your sins and live a fortunate life.

Ekadashi in 2014
Ekadashi in 2014
Ekadashi or Harivasara can be observed by anyone. The day begins with a ritualistic bath, which is then followed by prayers. Throughout the day they worship Lord Vishnu by chanting Mantras and performing Puja.

Ekadashi occurs in 2014 Year

10 May Saturday Mohini Ekadashi

24 May Saturday Apara Ekadashi

9 June Monday Nirjala Ekadashi

23 June Monday Yogini Ekadashi

9 July Wednesday Devshayani Ekadashi (Vaishnav)

22 July Tuesday Kamika Ekadashi

7 August Thursday Pavitra Ekadashi

21 August Thursday Aja Ekadashi

5 September Friday Padma Ekadashi

19 September Friday Indira Ekadashi

5 October Sunday Papa Kusha Ekadashi (Vaishnav)

19 October Sunday Rama Ekadashi

3 November Monday Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi

18 November Tuesday Utpanna Ekadashi

2 December Tuesday Mokshada Ekadashi

18 December Thursday Safla Ekadashi 


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