Subramanya Sashti 2015

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Subramanya Shasti is celebrated on Thursday 17th December in 2015. Subramanya Shashti falls on the sixth day of lunar fortnight and falls during lunar month Margashirsha in traditional Hindu calendar. Subramanya Shasti occurs 21 days after the Karthika Pournami. According to English calender it occurs in November or December. Subramanya Shasti is dedicated to Lord Subramanya Swami also called as Kumara Swamy son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Lord Subramanya is also known as Shanmukha, Guha, Murugan, Kumara, Kartikeya and Skanda. Lord Subramanya Swamy has 6 heads so he is called as Shanmukha. Lord Subramanya Swami is the brother of Lord Ganesh.

Subramanya Sashti 2015
Subramanya Sashti 2015
Procedure On Subramanya Shasti :

On the auspicious day of Subramanya Shasti devotees woke up early and complete their regular activities and observe fasting. Devotees will listen to the story of Subramanya Swamy and also perform yaga and pooja. In the temples Subramanya Shasti is celebrated with the special pooja.


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