Ganesh Visarjan 2016

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Ganesh Visarjan is the immersion of Ganesh idol in the water. Ganesh Visarjan is the end of Ganesh festival. Ganesh Visarjan is held usually on 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 days will be last. Ganesh Visarjan usually done on the Anath Chaturdashi day. Ganesh Visarjan in 2016 is held on Thursday 15th September.

Dates :

Ganesh Visarjan (Second day)    September 6, 2016.
Ganesh Visarjan (Three day)     September 7, 2016.
Ganesh Visarjan (Five day)      September 9, 2016.
Ganesh Visarjan (Seven day)     September 11, 2016.
Ganesh Visarjan (Eleventh day)  September 15, 2016.

Ganesh Visarjan 2016
Ganesh Visarjan 2016
About Ganesh Visarjan :

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on Monday 5th September in 2016. Lord Ganesh is the primary god. Ganesh festival is the symbol of interaction among the people and bhakthi or prayer to the God. Now-a-days Ganesh idols will be placed as big idol of colony Ganesh. As we immerse the Ganesh idol so, use eco-friendly Ganesh idol. Use clay idol and immerse only the soluble parts. If colors are need then use the natural colors like Yellow color - Marigold Flowers, Curcumin. Also along with the Ganesh idol should not dump the plastic wastes. As possible as use natural flowers to worship the god. The plastic and plaster of paris generally used to make Ganesh idol will not degrade in the earth up to ten years. So, use clay made eco-friendly Ganesh idol.

Procedure on Ganesh Visarjan :

Ganesh Visajan will be celebrated as a big event with the participation of lots of people. The laddu placed on hand of Ganesh idol will be taken on the Ganesh Nimajjan some will share the laddu to the participants and some will go for the Auction (velam) on the laddu. Ganesh idol is placed in colony wise now days So the day of Ganesh Nimajjan Annadanam will be observed. In the evening arthi is offered along with Dancing, Singing in front of the Ganesh idol and prasadam will be distributed. Ganesh idols will be immersed in lakes, Sagar. Ganesh idols made with clay are good for the Environment So better use the Ganesh idols made with clay.


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