Dhantrayodashi 2013

Dhantrayodashi 2013 Date, Dhanteras, Dhan Teras Date, When is Dhan Teras in 2013?, Dhana trayodasi, 1st November, 2013. Dhateras 2013 date is 1st Novemeber 2013.

Dhanatryodasi 2013 date is Novemrber 1, 2013 it is on friday.

On Dhanatrayodasi day do abhyanganasnanam and wear the new clothes. Where the cleanness is there Lakshmi Devi Located there.
That's why on the day homes and business places we will clean and decorated with flowers. It is derived from srimahalaksmi has born from palakadali that's why Silver, gold ornaments wash with milk and place them for pooja. on the we will buy gold and gold ornaments.

People wants longevity and money. On Dhanatrayodasi day if they will pray with concentration for Yama darma Raju and laksmidevi they will earn those two. Living with all wealth without any money problems, so  what we need more than that?


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