Masa Shiva Ratri November 2012

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Masa Shivaratri date is 12th November 2012

Masa Shivaratri or Mas Shivratri falls on the Krishna-Paksha Chaturdasi of each traditional Hindu lunar month.

Krishna-Paksha is the dark fortnight of a lunar month.

It is the 13th day after Purnima or simple calculation is two days before Amavas.

Lord Vishnu loves Ornamentation and lord Shiva loves Abhishekas.

Lord Shiva gives bless people quickly compared to others, that's why we have more temples for Lord Shiva.

Procedure of Masa Shivaratri:

On the day of Masa Shivaratri people will chant Panchakshari and they will do upavas. Evening they will pour milk and honey on Shiva idol.
People will offer coconuts and fruits to Lord Shiva. Some people will offer Maredu Leaves to Lord Shiva. By doing all these things Lord Shiva Obeys their desires.


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