Mrigasira Karti 2013

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One of the famous festivals that are celebrated in Hyderabad is the Mrigasira festival. Mrigasira festival is also known as Mrugam is celebrated every year during the month of June or July. This festival is celebrated with a feast of local fish which cures asthma. This treatment is more than a hundred and sixty years old. The Fish medicine, which cures asthma and respiratory related problems.

Mrigasira Karthe is on the Saturday, 8th June 2013.

The treatment also includes an additional prescription of herbal medicine, to be taken three times, once every fifteen days which are on Arudra, Punarvasu and Pushyami Karthe days.

The medicine is distributed from 5:30 am on wards on Mrigasira Karthika day. Bathini brothers of Dhoodhbowli, will be distributed at the Exhibition grounds Nampally in Hyderabad on June 8 and 9. On that day, the Bathini brothers insert the yellow herbal medicine into the mouth of a live sardine fish which is about 2 to 3 inches long. This live fish is then slipped into the throat of a patient. “For vegetarians they prepare separate medicine with jaggery. However, vegetarians need to take the medicine for a longer period”. The State Fisheries department has made all arrangements to supply thousands of fish lings near the Exhibition Grounds and the State Road Transport Corporation has made elaborate arrangements to special buses to the venue from across the State.

According to Bathini Brothers their grandfather revealed this cure, put forth two conditions "the medicine should be distributed free of cost and the formula behind the medicine should never be revealed".

The noticeably effective medication is supposed to be taken three years in a row and people from all over the country make all efforts to reach here even under most adverse and unfavorable conditions. People are known to sell or pawn their precious belongings to get a 'guaranteed' cure for their asthma. Most patients reach Hyderabad a couple of days in advance. Several studies have proved that there is nothing wrong with our medicine and it is based on Indian traditional treatment.


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