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Lord Shiva showed us about art of living, art of loving and art of giving in his nature. Jyothirlingams has special importance among est the all Shiva temples. Jyothirlingams are the Shiva Jyothi replicas (prathi rupam), they are more powerful. Jyothirlingams were totally twelve abut them briefly

1 Somanathudu

Somanathudu is located at Sea shore of prabhasa ksetra in Gujarat. This is the first in dwadasha lingalu. Somanathudu temple has been discussed in Rugveda. Devotees believe that disease will be cured by visiting this temple.

2 Mallikarjunudu

Mallikarjunudu is located at the Nalla mala forest of Karnool in Andhra Pradesh. In Srishilam one of the Shakti peetam is also located. Devotees believe that there will be no rebirth by visiting this temple.

3 Mahakaleswarudu

Mahakaleswarudu is located at Ujjayini ksetra in Madya Pradesh. Mahakaleswar is almost nearer to the Rajasthan. The Shiva lingam is faced towards south so it is also called as "Dakshinamurthi". Here Shiva lingam should not be touch with hand.

4 Omkareswarudu

Omkareswarudu is located at Narmada river shore of omkara ksetra in Madya Pradesh. The distance between the Omkareswar and Indore will be 77 kilometers. Devotees believe worshiping Omkareswar will lessen the weakness.

5 Kedareswarudu

Kedareswarudu is located at Himalaya mountain in Uttarakandh. The distance between the Gouri kund to Kedareswar will be 14 kilometers should go by walking. Kedareswar temple will open only six months in a year. Kedareswar swami looks in triangler shape.

6 Bhima Shankar

Bhima Shankar is located at Pune in Maharastra. Bhima Shankar is known as "Bhutha Nathudu". Devotees believe worshiping Bhima Shankar will be freed from all pains.

7 Visweshvarudu

Visweshvarudu is located at Ganga river shore in Uttar Pradesh. Visweshvarudu is placed in Kashi. The people here believe the world is ruled by the Lord Shiva. Devotees believe worshiping Visweshvar will give peaceful life.

8 Trayabakeswarudu

Trayabakeswarudu is located at Nasik in Maharastra. The distance between the Nasik to Trayambakeswar will be 30 kilometers. The river Ganga is starts from Trayabakeswar. Trayabakeswarudu is worshiped as "Trinetrudu". The crown decorated on Trayabakeswar is from pandava time.

9 Vaidyanatheshwarudu

Vaidyanatheshwarudu is located at parli in Maharastra. People believe that devotee Markendeya got boon at this place. According to purana's one more Vaidyanatheshwarudu is located at Paschimbengal (west bengal).

10 Nageswarudu

Nageswarudu is located at Dwaraka in Gujarat. Lord Sri Krishna done abhishekam to the Shiva lingam. Lord Shiva worshipped as snake god.

11 Rameswarudu

Rameswarudu is located at Sea shore in Tamilnadu. Sita devi made sculpture of Shiva lingam with sand and lord Rama done "Pranaprathista" that is Rameswara lingam.

12 Grusneswarudu

Grusneswarudu is located at Ourangabad in Maharastra. Grusneswar is nearer to the Ellora.


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