Adhik Ashada Masam 2015

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Adhika Ashada Maas begins on Wednesday, June 17 and ends on Thursday, July 16. Aashada masam is fourth and one of the important month in the Lunar Hindu Calendar. Adhika Ashada Maas month belongs to Lord Krishna.

Adhik Ashada Masam 2015
Adhik Ashada Masam 2015
Adhika Ashada Masam will seen because of the number of days differed in solar and lunar calendar's. Lunar year has only 354 days but solar year has 365 days in (regular as we know). So every year 11 days will be left that is the reason Adhika Ashada Masam will added after 32 months every time that means every two year eight months.

In general Hindu religion Ashada month will be called as shunya maas. In Ashad month no important rituals will be done and important life events will not done like marriage, Gruha pravesham, starting of new ventures.


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