July 2015 Festivals

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Hindu Festivals 2015 in July:

In this month there is an important festival Godavari Pushkaralu and along with other festivals in this month.

1st July 2015Kusumahara JayanthiWednesday
6th July 2015Punarvasu KartheMonday
14th July 2015Maasa / Masik ShivaratriTuesday
14th July 2015Godavari PushkaraluTuesday
17th July 2015Dakshinayan StartsFriday
18th July 2015Purijaganath Yatra StartsSaturday
19th July 2015Bonalu StartsSunday
27th July 2015Tholi EkadashiMonday
31th July 2015Vyasa Purnima/
 Guru Purnima


Godavari Pushkaralu Date 2015
Godavari Pushkaralu Date 2015


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