Dhanteras 2015

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Dhanateras is observed on the Aswayuja bahula trayodashi. Dhanateras is observed on the Monday 9th November, 2015. Dhanateras is the first day of the five days Diwali/Deepavali festival. Dhanateras is also called as Dhan Trayodashi. Dhan Trayodashi means dhan means money and trayodashi means 13th day as per Hindu lunar calendar. People will buy gold on this day is like a ritual. Dhanateras is mainly observed in north side but now days it is observed by all the devotees.

Dhanteras 2015
Dhanteras 2015
Dhanteras 2015 Muhurt (Timing) :

Muhurt Kaal starts at 18:05 hours to 19:06 hours
Duration is 1 hour 1 Mins
Pradosh Kaal starts at 17:40 hours to 20:16 hours
Vrishabha Kaal starts at 18:05 hours to 20:04 hours
Trayodashi Tithi Starts at 16:31 hours on November 8, 2015
Trayodashi Tithi Ends at 19:06 hours on November 9, 2015.

Procedure on Dhanateras :

On Dhanateras day do Abhyanganasnan and wear the new clothes. woman's clean the house and draw rangoli in the home. Arches will be decorated with the flowers. Then light the lamps in the home. Devotees worships Lord Kubera (Empire of the Wealth) on the Dhanateras day. Devotees worships Lord Yamadharma Raju (The head of longevity (Life)) on the Dhanateras day. and also worships Lord Vishnu on the Dhanateras day.
Dhanateras day is for health, wealth and longevity of life.

About Dhanteras :

Where the cleanness is there Lakshmi Devi will stay there. That's why on Dhanateras day homes and business places we will clean and decorated with flowers. It is derived from Sri Maha Lakshmi has born from palakadali. that's why silver, gold ornaments we will wash with milk and place them for pooja. on the day we will buy gold and gold ornaments. People wants longevity and money. On Dhanateras day if they will pray with concentration for Yama darma Raju and Lakshmi Devi they will earn People wants longevity and money.

Living with all wealth without any money problems, so  what we need more than that? That's why this festival is so special..


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